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Employer Benefits – Gain the most out of your employer benefits by exploring your investment options, stock compensation schedules and other financial benefits offered through your place of employment. Blackhorn Partners will walk you through each option at your disposal to determine which combination best suits your current and future financial aspirations.

Business Succession Planning – The end of any chapter in the life of a business come fraught with difficult decisions and complex relationships. Blackhorn Partners wants to ease your burden by guiding you through the financial aspects of your business transfer creating an efficient financial management plan that suits all parties involved.

Retirement Plan Advisory – Creating an effective retirement plan for your employees is critical to retaining talent that you’ve worked hard to discover and cultivate. Blackhorn Partners understands the importance of selecting retirement options, so we step in to help guide you toward solutions that best reflect your business and give comfort to your employees.

Risk Management – You work hard to create a financial foundation for your future and your family, so we work hard to establish a wealth management plan. Blackhorn Partners careful analysis of your lifestyle and personal preferences, and an informed knowledge of the market help you take a variety of situations into consideration.

Retirement Planning – Prior to retirement, everyone should determine where their future income will come from and how their financial resources will help them meet their goals. Blackhorn Partners is poised and ready to help you answer these questions with realistic approaches and an extensive menu of financial options.

Wealth Transfer – The goal of wealth transfer is to create a plan that is beneficial for you and your family. Blackhorn Partners believes in creating wealth transfers that are successful for everyone involved while, at the same time, effectively minimizing taxes.

Charitable Giving – Financial commitment often extends beyond immediate heirs to a supportive community or a deserving charitable organization. Blackhorn Partners understands that these considerations can be the heart of a financial plan and will work with you to establish a wealth management plan that embraces your philanthropic goals.

Insurance Solutions – Each personal financial plan should at least consider life, disability, and long-term care insurance. Blackhorn Partners approach to insurance solutions will give you guidance on the appropriate level of coverage for future needs.

Investment Advisory – Our approach to investment advisory services focuses on our ability to touch a wide variety of products to create a framework for your investments. Our independent nature allows us to balance your options as we are not tied to a proprietary set of products.

Financial Planning – Blackhorn Partners works with you to determine your goals and values as well as your financial circumstances to develop the right plan for you and your family. This is a process and we will partner with you along the way to make sure you reach your financial targets.